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.:Ellie Cooper:. <3

i rock

Name: Ellie Cooper

Age: 17

Grade in school: College Freshman

Favorite bands: Sex Pistols, The Virus, Misfits, The Clash, The Cure, Blood For Blood, The Adicts... and it goes on and on

Name three things related to music and how each of these things influenced your life:

1. The guitar: buying a guitar made me really realize my passion for music
2. Mariah Carey: she was the first singer i ever heard. she influenced my life by "making" me love music
3. Theatre arts: i was in plays when i was little and i never wanted to stop singing after that

Tell us four interesting things about you:

1. i am british but i live in new york and i hate it :)
2. i am a performer... i play in NYC and i'm looking for a record deal
3. i am a complete dork... i like to do really good in school and i concentrate too much on everything and people think i'm odd
4. i've had a crush on the same boy for 4 years... since then i've been through 3 long term boyfriends... and i still want my crush to be my boyfriend... haha pathetic!

Why should you be a part of this community?:

because i made it :P

Promote at least once and give proof:

nah. haha

Two or more clear pictures of you:

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