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i rock my chucks.

<*lj-cut text="app">

<*b>Name: Norma Jean</b>


<*b>Grade in school:college sophmore.</b>

<*b>Favorite bands:the killers.the cure.rhcp.queen!.julianna theory.atmosphere.jedi mind tricks.the smiths.three doors down. + so much more!</b>

<*b>Name three things related to music and how each of these things influenced your life:

1.) my headphones, my sanctuary.
2.) my keybord + guitar, I wanna learn more!
3.) my writing, music all of it has helped me developed my own song writing.</b>

<*b>Tell us four interesting things about you:

1.) I'm a mommy! ( and i rock at that too!)
2.) I'm into make-up arts + photography.
3.) I think graffitti is neat-o!</b>

<*b>Why should you be a part of this community?:
- looks like you need more members
- I'm cool
- I rock
- I was made in the 80's
- i think mohawks are sexy.

<*b>Promote at least once and give proof:

<*b>Two or more clear pictures of you:
(sry if they are huge, i don't know how to resize!)


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