i rock my chucks.

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<*b>Name: Norma Jean</b>


<*b>Grade in school:college sophmore.</b>

<*b>Favorite bands:the killers.the cure.rhcp.queen!.julianna theory.atmosphere.jedi mind tricks.the smiths.three doors down. + so much more!</b>

<*b>Name three things related to music and how each of these things influenced your life:

1.) my headphones, my sanctuary.
2.) my keybord + guitar, I wanna learn more!
3.) my writing, music all of it has helped me developed my own song writing.</b>

<*b>Tell us four interesting things about you:

1.) I'm a mommy! ( and i rock at that too!)
2.) I'm into make-up arts + photography.
3.) I think graffitti is neat-o!</b>

<*b>Why should you be a part of this community?:
- looks like you need more members
- I'm cool
- I rock
- I was made in the 80's
- i think mohawks are sexy.

<*b>Promote at least once and give proof:

<*b>Two or more clear pictures of you:
(sry if they are huge, i don't know how to resize!)


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Tomorrow is April 13, National Day of Silence. This day is to honor those who are forced to be silence every day by hate, weither they be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. Silence can be a very powerful protest tool against hate. We can use this silence to help us focus on making our own voices stronger and to begin to stop silencing ourselfs. What will YOU do to then the silence?

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this community can't be boring! haha post pictures of yourselves, or rant about bands you hate... have fun in here!

this friday i'm going to see the Casualties!! i'm so excited :) and then on december 12th, there's another concert with my friend Christina i shall be attending :P

hooray for music, it definately keeps me pre-occupied